First, the reason the moon is moving away from earth is

No not really. First, the reason the moon is moving away from earth is gravity. The moon pulls water around the earth(tides) and this there for causes the moon to speed up ever so slightly(if you need more explaining for this just ask). Canada’s economic Achilles heel: A mountain of household debtInflation rate ticks up, but Bank of Canada likely to keep interest rates steady come DecemberDavid’s Bridal files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy but will stay in business amid reorganizationInterest rates have been on the rise since mid 2017, increasing costs for businesses that may also be suffering from a decrease in consumer spending as households divert more disposable income toward servicing debt. The latest figures mark a shift from a long standing decline. Apart from a 0.1 per cent increase earlier this year, insolvency filings have fallen every quarter since 2015 on a year earlier basis..

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