The SCA essentially gave Chauke two months to decide which

The men who were killed on Sunday wanted to avoid a police check post and lost their way while taking a detour, locals said. They were looking for a way out when a group of villagers stopped them. Sheikh and Hussain were killed but the van driver, who was injured, managed to flee..

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replica bags Chauke, who was the fifth person to be interviewed by the panel, did not have it easy during his interview as he was quizzed about his handling of a case which involved controversial figure and former head of Crime Intelligence Richard Mdluli in relation to the murder of Oupa Ramogibe in 1999.In 2012, Chauke made a decision to provisionally withdraw murder and related charges against Mdluli.However, civil organisation Freedom Under Law took the matter to court. The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ultimately overturned a decision by the High Court fake hermes belt women’s that the murder charges should be reinstated against Mdluli.The SCA essentially gave Chauke two months to decide which charges to reinstate. He decided Mdluli would face kidnapping, intimidation and assault charges instead of murder.”There is evidence and a case for him (Mdluli) to answer,” he said. replica bags

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