The Ethiopian Athletics Federation initially dismissed the

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high quality hermes replica Ethiopia Anti Doping Office confirmed that the pharmacy was offering the blood boosting substance EPO after a preliminary investigation.The store was shut down for three months pending a full probe, the office said, and the head of the pharmacy had his pharmaceutical license revoked for six months.The preliminary investigation, carried out by Ethiopia Ministry of Sport, came in response to an undercover report by British newspaper The Guardian and German broadcaster ARD. They said their journalists found EPO was easily available at the pharmacy, which was offering the substance while the national athletics championships took place across the road at the Ethiopian National Stadium in May.on the media report, the Ministry conducted an investigation and has found out that the banned substance was found inside the pharmacy, the anti doping office said. There were no positive doping tests reported from the national championships.The news puts Ethiopia in the anti doping spotlight once again after it was ordered by the IAAF and World Anti Doping Agency to carry out more doping tests on its Hermes Bags Replica top athletes last year.There are fears that banned substances are easily available in Ethiopia, just like East African neighbor Kenya, which has been hit by a big spike in doping over the last five years.The Ethiopian Athletics Federation initially dismissed the allegations by The Guardian and ARD as and unsubstantiated. high quality hermes replica

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