Vascular imaging (CT or MR angiogram) is indicated for

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canada goose uk shop The typical imaging feature, in cases of spinal cord infarction, is T2 hyperintensity in a vascular specific territory,1 most commonly an anterior ‘pencil canada goose outlet ontario like’ lesion on sagittal sequences and ‘owl/snake canada goose outlet black friday eye’ pattern of signal abnormality on axial sequences corresponding to the anterior horn cells, which are the most vulnerable to ischaemia (figure 2D).5 6 An adjacent vertebral body infarction supports the diagnosis and occurs in 5% 35% of cases.3 5 There is no contrast enhancement canada goose outlet in vancouver in the acute stage but there may be patchy enhancement subacutely.7 Restricted diffusion on diffusion weighted images appears significantly more sensitive than standard T2 imaging8; however, this feature often does not last for canada goose outlet winnipeg more than 1week and is more difficult to interpret in the spinal cord than thebrain due to technical limitations.9 The canada goose outlet houston initial MRI may be negative and so a normal MRI early on does not exclude spinal cord infarction. In cases of fibrocartilaginous embolism, there canada goose outlet uk sale may be a disc extrusion adjacent to the site of infarction. Vascular imaging (CT or MR angiogram) is indicated for suspected cervical cord infarction, as vertebral dissection/occlusion is a potential cause.. canada goose uk shop

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